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Haobang Mould is professional in making house ware mould. House ware Mould takes 40% share in our company.

Chair mould:Our chair mould includes ordinary PP chair mould, PC chair mould and rattan chair mould. We can control the gas assistance technology during mould making; we help customers solve the issue of chair stacking; we provide solutions to realize changing inserts on injection machine.

Table mould: During the design stage, we will consider to make the anti-deformation structure to avoid the deformation after injection.

Plastic basket mould: We have mature technology for plastic basket mould. The basket mould includes fruit basket mould, vegetable basket mould, shopping basket mould, laundry basket mould, drain basket mould, folding baskets, hanging basket mold etc.

Storage container mould: We offer both single and multi-cavity mould for plastic containers to meet our customers’ production requirement.

Kitchen ware mould: The kitchen ware mould includes spoon and fox mould, cutting board mould, plastic basket mould, ice-making box mould, dishes mould and so on.

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