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Haoboss mould has more than 10 years of experience in the TV mould industry, we specialized in manufacturing different sizes CRT, LCD and LED TV moulds. We use interchangeable inserts to make different TV cabinet in one mould; The TV mould we made can make high-light TV cabinet by the normal injection machines;  Becu is used for speaker mesh position, to improve the cooling effect; the location of the gate is set reasonably before designing, which effectively reduce the weld lines; advise clients to set special product structure, to avoid sink mark on the product surface.

With the increasing size of TV screen, the front TV shell should be stronger and stronger. The best way to improve the strength of front TV shell, is to increase the thickness of the strengthening ribs, but it will bring sink mark on the product surface and cycle time will be longer. So it affact the the quality of product surface and increase the cost. In order to solve the problems of the front TV cabinet mould, Haoboss use gas-assisted injection technology, not only to avoide sink mark on the product surface and save raw materials, but also shorten the cycle time, which bring considerable economic benefits.
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